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Kelley Blue Book Gives Audi A5 Top Billing for 2014

The bottom line of a luxury brand may not typically be whether or not their models are a bargain, but when it comes to getting the most bang for your well-earned buck, the 2014 Audi A5 luxury coupe and Cabriolet convertible deliver.

The sleek design, sophisticated interior and impressive specs earn the A5 a Top 3 spot on Kelley Blue Book's "10 Best Luxury Cars under $40,000 for 2014". With 220 horsepower piped…

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2015 Audi A5 Kicks Up Some Mud in New Commercial

Spectacular style.  Plentiful Performance.  And, of course, luxury.  It are these three traits that epitomize one of our most popular models, the 2015 Audi A5.  If we may be so bold, we at Audi Beverly Hills would like to add one more to that list: "rugged."  Wonder what we mean?  Take a look at this clip from Audi UK to find out:

While it may be a germaphobe's nightmare, we relish in watching the?

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Luxury Meets Performance in the Audi A4

With a premium interior, stylish exterior, and responsive engine beneath the hood, the Audi A4 is an ideal melding of performance and luxurious comfort. The A4 is powered by a 220-horsepower TFSI engine which combines both direct injection and turbocharging technology to provide drivers not only a great experience, but also an efficient 32 miles per gallon highway. Moving out to the exterior, our automaker employed an ultra-lightweight technology to construct the body, which features…

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Choice Golf Destinations in California


We might aspire to have a handicap on par with Shooter McGavin, but when it really comes down to it, the pros are probably playing a different game than the rest of us even if on some of the same courses.  Right now the skies are blue in Southern California and many of us like to find ourselves on the green.  Even if you have a favorite, here are some ideas on some nearby spots?
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Audi A3 Heats Up the Order Books

In the past year, the compact luxury segment has caught fire like a lucrative action movie from the nineties. If you're unfamiliar with this era of film, it taught us that everything is cooler when it's exploding. Case in point, the 2015 Audi A3, which while not on fire in the visceral sense, has been heating up the order books for three months.

What do hot order books look like? Well, aside from…

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It's nice to be nice in the 2014 Audi A4

If there's one thing we love more than the models on our lineup here at Audi Beverly Hills, it's the people who drive them. After all, nothing makes our day like watching another satisfied customer drive off our lot and we'll move mountains to ensure that they continue to stay satisfied throughout their entire ownership experience.

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Audi A3 Model is Well-Rounded and Designed

The 2015 Audi A3 is a great sedan, and stand-out model in a competitive sedan market. The A3 puts itself ahead of the competition for a number of reasons. Starting on the exterior, it catches eyes with a combination of an aerodynamic look, and sharply cut design angles running along the sides. Under the hood, drivers will be delighted by a turbocharged, 170 horsepower TFSI engine, with a more powerful 220 horsepower option available as…

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Employee Spotlight: Father's Day Edition


Eric Ancharoff discusses fatherhood :) 

Are you doing anything special to celebrate Father's Day? 
I have to work on Sunday, but I will probably come in a little late after having breakfast with the family. Don't tell Sam. 

What's your favorite aspect of spending time with your son? 
Every moment I get to spend with him is a delight and a blessing. At his age (7 months), every day yields a new skill?
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