Timely Tire Replacements Can Prevent Accidents

Sudden tire failures cause many costly accidents every year. While some of the tires involved in these incidents are new, many others are older tires that have road-related damages. Older tires are often subject to the effects of uneven tire wear, sidewall damage, and slow leaks.

Over time, tires naturally wear out. Healthy tires show evenly distributed tread wear as they age, and this normal wear is generally harmless. Contrastingly, tires that are improperly inflated or balanced can develop areas of uneven tread wear, which in turn can lead to tire failure.

Sidewall damage is another common cause of tire failure. Weakened sidewalls can develop bulges or bubbles that predict future problems.

Slow leaks can also cause tire failure. While slow leaks may at first seem harmless, these flaws can develop into larger and more dangerous leaks.

The good news is, you can prevent tire failure by having your tires regularly inspected by qualified professionals. At our facility in the Los Angeles area, our certified and experienced suspension system experts can give your tires detailed inspections. For a no-obligation conversation with our technicians, swing by Audi Beverly Hills today.

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