Increased Fluid Consumption Could Be A Sign Of A Bad Hose

As vehicles age, they tend to go through fluids at a faster rate than when they are new. However, this should be a steady and not only overly noticeable rate of loss. If you suddenly start to see your car consuming far more fluids than it had previously, schedule an appointment at Audi Beverly Hills for service immediately. It could be a sign of a leaking hose and result in major damage to your car's motor if not fixed right away.

While in many cases you can detect a leaky hose by looking for fluids on the ground after being parked for a period of time, in some cases the leak can be so small it takes a while for the fluid to build up to a noticeable point. The fluids may also hit the engine on the way down and evaporate before accumulating into a puddle.

Paying attention to your cars fluid consumption is important for many reasons and can be one of the first signs your vehicle is in need of repair. Bring your car into Audi Beverly Hills today at the first sign of increased fluid usage to see if a hose needs replaced or something else may need service. It could save you greatly in the long run.
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