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When the battery in your Audi is not functioning how it once was or how you expect it to, it could be time to get your battery serviced. Your battery is vital to the performance and your driving experience and is integral to many of your important systems. Battery issues can be the result of numerous different causes, but luckily our staff can diagnose those issues with some simple tests! If you are not sure what are signs of your battery not working properly, some simple signs are your interior or exterior lighting dimming or one of the battery lights popping up on your instrument cluster.

Audi Beverly Hills is Proud to Make Servicing Your Battery Much Easier

Any time you start your car, turn on your A/C, or use an of the car's accessories, you are benefiting from the battery underneath the hood. Your car's battery is one of the most important parts of your car and when your battery is not functioning properly you are not able to enjoy your car to the fullest. But, if your car's battery needs to be serviced to better handle driving in the areas of North Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Los Angeles, come on over to Audi Beverly Hills where our staff members in the service center are ready to help!


Simple Steps to Keep Your Battery in Tip-Top Shape

  • Pay attention to the weather and climate because hotter climates like the one around Beverly Hills can be harsher to your battery's lifespan
  • The Date Codes on the battery, usually on the side, will tell you how old the battery is. The code uses a digit and a letter to tell you when this battery was made, the year and month
  • Corrosion on the battery terminal posts can cause the connection to be too weak and if they are too corroded, they can cause your battery to die quicker
  • The cables and connectors being too weakly connected can cause your batteries performance to decline
  • Leaving lights on, either interior or exterior, or radio can cause your battery to die much quicker
  • Our staff members here at Audi Beverly Hills are more than happy to help you keep your Audi's battery in tip-top shape. If you have any questions or concerns about your battery or your Audi as a whole, visit our service center and see why drivers in Santa Monica choose to shop here. See you soon!


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