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When it comes time for your Audi A4 oil change, you'll likely ask yourself, "How much does an Audi oil change cost?" The Audi oil change prices can range from $143 to $170 according to Repair Pal. Learn more about Audi oil change costs, service, and more with Audi Beverly Hills.

Why Do Audi Oil Change Prices Vary?

Generally speaking, the Audi oil change prices can vary depending on where you seek service, but they can also depend on your vehicle and how much oil it requires. Repair Pal breaks down the Audi oil change costs into what you can expect to pay for labor and parts:

Audi Oil Change Price Breakdown

  • Labor Cost Range: $69 to $88
  • Parts Cost Range: $74 to $82

Why Use an Audi Service Center for Oil Changes?

Many drivers are under the impression that it's more affordable to get an oil change at chain stores vs. an authorized Audi service center. However, that's not always the case. Many Audi service centers not only offer competitive pricing on services, but they also offer expertise and benefits that chain stores don't, such as:

  • Using genuine OEM parts in all their repairs and services. Genuine parts can not only last longer, but provide increased performance for your vehicle. 
  • Service at authorized centers using OEM parts won't void any Audi warranties. 
  • Specialized mechanics are trained in all things Audi, which allows them to both quickly and efficiently perform services, but also identify smaller issues before they cause major problems. 

Why Use Audi Beverly Hills for Service Near Culver City?

Along with the benefits of using an authorized Audi service center above, you get first-class benefits when choosing Audi Beverly Hills. 

  • Audi Care- Prepaid maintenance makes serving your vehicle a breeze.
  • Service Pick-Up & Delivery-Have your vehicle picked up for your next service appointment and then returned to your home or office. 
  • Service Incentives- Our rotating incentives often include services like oil changes.

Schedule Your Audi Oil Change Today Near West Hollywood

Now that you better understand the Audi Q5 oil change costs, and the benefits of choosing Audi Beverly Hills for service, book your Audi oil change with us today!

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