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Audi A3 Wins “Best Luxury Car for the Money” By U.S. News & World Report

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Finding an affordable car is easy but often times it comes with making a few compromises. When you choose an Audi A3 you’re getting the best of both worlds—luxury at an affordable price. That’s why U.S. News & World Report selected the 2018 Audi A3 with the “Best Luxury Car for the Money” award at the Nation’s largest auto show held in Chicago, making it a third time win for the Audi A3!

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Increased Fluid Consumption Could Be A Sign Of A Bad Hose

As vehicles age, they tend to go through fluids at a faster rate than when they are new. However, this should be a steady and not only overly noticeable rate of loss. If you suddenly start to see your car consuming far more fluids than it had previously, schedule an appointment at Audi Beverly Hills for service immediately. It could be a sign of a leaking hose and result in major damage to your car's motor if not fixed right away.

While in many cases you can detect a leaky hose by looking for fluids on the ground after…
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What Do Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Mean?

Understanding a little about the motor oil you use in your vehicle and following the manufacturer’s guidelines will save you headaches in the long run. Viscosity is often used with motor oil. It simply means the thickness of the liquid, which in this case is oil. An oil’s viscosity that’s is too low, or thin, can’t lubricate the engine’s parts appropriately. When it’s too thick, or has a higher viscosity, it causes the engine to work too hard.

A multi-grade bottle of oil has two numbers separated by a W on it. The first…

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2018 Audi A5 Sportback and 2018 Q5 SUV Win Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award

When you shop for a new vehicle, we can’t help but research the hundreds of car brands available to us. We use trusted sources like Kelley Blue Book® to find the best buy with all the latest bells and whistles like the 2018 Audi A5 Sportback and 2018 Audi Q5 SUV who just so happen to be winners of the 2018 KBB Best Buy Award!

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