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Lease End Benefits
at Fletcher Jones

Audi Lease End Journey

Up to $500 Lease Return Bonus

Regardless of where you leased your vehicle, we'll pay up to $500* when you return your lease with us!

*Eligible leases will receive an inspection report (By AFS), a completion of lease return receipt by Audi Beverly Hills and $500 for Audi models (excluding Q7 and e-tron models) and $500 for all other qualifying models, which will be sent by check in the mail within 7 business days. Select Audi Financial Services, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Toyota Financial Services, Lexus Financial Services and Chase Auto Finance, lease qualify. See dealer for more details. Lease return does not imply commitment to pay any remaining payments on existing lease term. This offer must be mentioned at time of inspection. Offer valid only at Audi Beverly Hills. Certain exclusions may apply. Expires July 5th, 2023.

As your Audi lease comes to an end, we want to ensure you are aware of all your lease-end options and answer any questions you may have – regardless of where you originally leased your Audi.

Understanding that your vehicle needs may have changed, no matter what options you have or have not considered, we are here to assist you at Audi Beverly Hills.

• Are you looking to lower your payment?

• Are you working from home and driving less?

• Are you looking to consolidate your household vehicles?

• Is your next lease payment or registration due?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have programs and options available to you that we can customize to meet your every need.

Audi Lease End Options

Purchase Lease

• Safety Inspection

• DMV Processing

• Financing Options

• Certification & Warranty Options

• Preferred Benefits extension


• Extend up to 90 Days while you order your next Audi

• Bridge your way to your next Audi

• Choose your price, power, color, and options


• Utilize Loyalty Cash

• Payment waiver

• Equity Review


• Arrange an inspection

• Return your lease

• Paperwork completion

• No matter where you leased

How To Maximize the Resale Value of your Audi

Looking to trade or sell your vehicle? At Audi Beverly Hills, you'll maximize the resale of your Audi, since we understand the true value of your Audi vehicle. Here's a few key factors we consider during an appraisal inspection:

Service History

Have you done all your required services?

Your vehicle’s service history can provide tremendous insight and information when determining its worth. Did a Factory Authorized Service Center complete your maintenance? Have all your services been documented, reflecting consistent care and a trouble-free history? Only an Authorized Audi center has access to your comprehensive vehicle records, which should positively be accounted for when researching the value of a vehicle.

Tires, Accessories and Other Add-Ons

Is your vehicle a base model or fully loaded?

Do you have a RS line? Do you have Diamond Stitched Napa leather when 98% of the cars have Napa Leather? Was your car a custom order, rare color, or limited edition model? Was your specific build configuration one of 30 sold on the entire West Coast? Every single vehicle has a story which influences the value. Our in-house luxury market-focused buyers will be able to decode your vehicle's story using the factory production records, internal service histories, and specific and targeted supply and demand trends.

How much are your custom wheels and accessories worth?

Many customers add specialty wheels, aftermarket body kits, or proprietary performance kits to their cars. Mass market car buying farms will not account for any of this, as vehicle personalization doesn't fit within their limited scope funnel. Fletcher Jones has over 75 years of luxury market experience. We know the value and difference between a Koni adjustable suspension and Bilstein, Vossen wheels and Enkei, Brabus, and Renntech.

Trading In With Fletcher Jones

Have you done all your required services?

Whether you decide to trade-in your vehicle to Audi Beverly Hills, or simply sell us your car – we look forward to assisting you with all your vehicle needs. Get started with a quick online appraisal and receive your Fletcher Jones Instant Cash Offer today.

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